Hand Coil Winding Machines

The Adams-Maxwell Winding Machines quality comes from years of development and fine tuning to bring you the best in technology in coil winders and bobbin winders; Reliability at affordable pricing.

- Made in the USA since 1976

1201 Hand Coil Winding Machines

Our Hand Coil Winding Machines provide an affordable, durable and reliable, user friendly coil winder for any coil winding company.

1400HD Coil Winding Machines

Manufactured with a heavy duty steel frame, .750" shaft, and a powerful motor, the 1400 Heavy Duty Coil winder can wind large gauge material with the same precision and reliability as our smaller 1201 Coil Winders.

Coil Winding Accessories

Improve the functionality of your Adams-Maxwell Hand Coil Winding Machine with our High Quality Coil Winding Accessories.

Balboa Capital

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