Coil Winding Accessories

Coil Winding Machine

Our major customer base includes such companies and Colleges as Boeing, Moog Components, Apple Computers, MIT, Honeywell, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Raytheon, and GE (General Electric).

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1201 Coil Winding Accessories

Our Hand Coil Winding Machines provide an affordable, durable and reliable, user friendly coil winder for any coil winding company.

1250 Coil Winding Accessories

Our Auto Coil Winders are microprocessor controlled for even layering and precision Coil winding, even with fine wire. An affordable unit for precision coil winding.

1400HD Coil Winding Accessories

The 1400HD series, our heavy duty Coil Winding Machine, can wind up to AWG 5. Uses a miroprocessor controlled PCB for perfect results - every time.

1260 Auto Coil Winding Accessories

Take your Heavy Duty coil winding applications to the next level of accuracy and productivity with our Heavy Duty Auto Coil Winders.

Wire Winding Tensioning Devices

We offer many wire tensioning devices to assist in your coil winding, ensuring consistent results in each of your coils.

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