We offer a full line of replacement parts for our coil winding machines; however, we recommend sending your Adams-Maxwell Coil Winder in to our competent repair department to ensure that the proper parts are replaced on your coil winder.

- Our Repairs Department can get your Machine back to New

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1250 Spare Parts
Adams-Maxwell Coil Winders have become the standard in High Quality Coil Winding machines - Get yours Today!

The Adams-Maxwell Winding Machines quality comes from years of development and fine tuning to bring you the best in technology in coil winders and bobbin winders; Reliability at affordable pricing..

Our Auto Coil Winding Machines are separated into 2 categories: 1250S, and 1250L. The distinguishing feature between the two models is the available length of travel; the 1250S is our standard model Auto Coil Winder and has 7 Inches of travel. The 1250L has 14 Inches of travel.

Each of the models includes a 1201 Coil Winder, a 1228 Wire Guide, and a 1217 Baseplate. We offer a full line of Coil Winder Accessories which allow you to customize your coil winding machine based on your companies specific coil winding needs.

1250 Coil Winder Spare Parts

1250S Auto Coil Winder (7")

1250L Auto Coil Winder (14")

We offer many spare parts for our Automatic Coil Winding Machines.

*We do not recommend any customer make repairs on ANY Adams-Maxwell coil winding products; doing so is dangerous and will void any and all manufacturer's warranties.