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Our major customer base includes such companies and Colleges as Boeing, Moog Components, Apple Computers, MIT, Honeywell, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Raytheon, and GE (General Electric).

- Trust the Industry Standard in Coil Winding Equipment

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1250S Spare Parts
Adams-Maxwell Coil Winders have become the standard in High Quality Coil Winding machines - Get yours Today!

The Adams-Maxwell Winding Machines quality comes from years of development and fine tuning to bring you the best in technology in coil winders and bobbin winders; Reliability at affordable pricing. We do not recommend any customer make repairs on ANY Adams-Maxwell coil winding products; doing so is dangerous and will void any and all manufacturer's warranties.

coil winder belt

1201 Belt

Check drop down menu for model number and price.

belt guard

1201 Belt Guard

Check drop down menu for model number and price.

motor brushes

1201 Motor Brushes

Sold in Pairs. Check drop down menu for model number and price.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

Check drop down menu for model number and price.

Power Cord

100058 Power Cord

Pre 7/2000 coil winders. Round receptacle.

Power Cord

101408 Power Cord

Post 7/2000 coil winders. Square receptacle.

Foot Rheostat

100064 Foot Rheostat

8 Pin Connection

foot rheostat (old)

100923 Foot Rheostat (pre 07/2000 Model Coil Winders)

4 Pin Connection


100133 Keypad

For all models 1201, and 1400.

Speed Knob

100060 Knob, Speed

For all models 1201, and 1400

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