Coil Winder Spare Parts

1201 Coil Winder

Adams-Maxwell is known for durable, and high quality Coil Winders. We offer Customers spare parts, and a top notch Repair Department to keep your company winding. We do not recommend any customer make repairs on ANY Adams-Maxwellwell coil winding products; doing so is dangerous and will void any and all manufacturer's warranties.


- Contact our Competent Repair Department for Assistance

1201 Coil Winder Spare Parts

Our Hand Coil Winding Machines provide an affordable, durable and reliable, user friendly coil winder for any coil winding company.

1400HD Hand Coil Winding Spare Parts

The 1400HD Hand Coil Winders allow for larger material to be wound, whether it is copper wire, or nylon cord, this winder will get your company winding.

1250 Auto Coil Winder Spare Parts

Improve your coil winding productivity, efficiency, and quality with an Automatic Coil Winding Machine. Microprocessor controlled and made with high quality components, the Auto Coil Winders will keep your coils consistent.

1260HD Auto Coil Winder

Made with a more robust frame and larger stepper motor than our 1250 Auto Coil WInders, the 1260HD Auto Coil Winder can handle much larger material while maintaining the same high quality winding capabilities.

1260HD Auto Coil Winder

You can now download all User Manuals for our coil winding machines in PDF format at no charge.

Hard Copies of the Manuals are also available at a nominal cost. Contact Sales


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Repair Form
Download, fill out, and return with your Coil Winder Repair.

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